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June 3rd, 2013 by Jennifer


I believe that everyone has a vice; something that, given the power to, can completely consume you.

Some vices might be more dangerous than others; drug addiction, alcoholism, the inability to control your temper – whilst others might seem meaningless to other people. Something as underrated as the inability to cope with stress or perhaps being addicted to exercise might seen ridiculous to one person, but it can take over another’s life.

The reason I talk about this as my first post is because my vice has, for a long time, been my struggle with my weight. As a kid I was always heavier than my friends – not fat, but heavier. I didn’t exercise and I ate whatever I wanted with absolutely no clue what it was doing to my body. So, at 18 when I started to slim down naturally, I started exercising and cutting out all of the junk from my diet – and for a while I was the epitome of good health.

Until I began to take it too far.

I began to exercise for hours every day, and started surviving on a meager 600 calorie diet – it’s hardly surprising I was faint and miserable for my whole second year in University! Terrified that I’d be forced to eat or drink alcohol if I went out, I lost touch with my Uni friends and I spent my evenings crying in my room because I was miserable… or fast asleep because I had no energy.

Since then my weight has gone up and down – I’ve never been overweight, but over the years I’ve relied on fad diets, laxatives, and a life of ‘all or nothing’; binge or deprivation to keep my weight down.

But that ends now.

My goal is no longer to be thin, it’s to be healthy – to treat my body with the respect it deserves. My goal is to be happy.

This blog is all about health, motivation and happiness – helping myself and others on their journey to a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy attitude. To help myself and my readers stay motivated, whatever their goal might be; health or otherwise. And most of all, I started this blog to help myself and others find the happiness in day to day life – to love themselves and be proud of who they are!

We are fabulous!

You are fabulous


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